How to Watch

Since CtP Media commenced services, our priority is to extend the amount of videos broadcast. Our major aim is to provide a 24-hour Catholic channel in the future – along with the current Videos on Demand – as well as a large archive of previously viewed media. We’re also looking to expand the mediums on which CtP can be viewed. Below are the current methods by which to view our content.
    1. View via the website: This website has been designed to function on many devices. Apart from your standard computer, it should work on all smartphones (using the inbuilt browser). Smart TVs and other devices that support internet browsing should also handle our website. If you discover one of these devices doesn’t work correctly (either videos won’t play or the resolution is not supported), feel free to contact our webmaster from the contacts list. Other media devices,  Android Boxes and Chromecasts for example, can comfortably view our videos as well. Even game consoles such as the Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Wii U will support our website.  119461955
    1. View via Roku (Recommended): B00INNP5VU_roku_logo-cloud_v2._V342555999_ (1) The Roku is one of the most popular media devices on the planet. It connects to any modern TV (HDMI in most cases) and provides hundreds of free channels. It’s also provides paid services such as Netflix and Hulu. It is also considered the best device for the elderly as it carries a simple interface with an easy to use remote. An internet connection is required and if you have data limits, it’s advisable to keep an eye on them. Roku’s can be purchased via Amazon or eBay. Simply search for Christ the Priest Media or head to the Religious channel list. By adding our channel to your Roku, you will have the best access to our content.
  1. Future Methods Currently, we are looking to provide an app for both Android and iPhones. The app will allow you to watch our videos, as well as provides such services as a Bible, Breviary, Missal, etc. We’ll also look to add a channel to Kodi (XBMC) and Plex. If you have a device that you’d like to see supported, please contact our IT webmaster for a discussion. plex-logo  Kodi-side-by-side.svg